The Spiritwalker Teachings: Journeys for the Modern Mystic

Many people over the years encouraged us to capture what we teach through recordings. We have, with pleasure, created a new 6 CD box set, The Spiritwalker Teachings. The box set includes... many stories and teachings, with eight experiential journeys, and a new recording of Hank's shamanic drumming and rattling. These teachings provide a firm foundation on which to begin and enhance your visionary practice.

We are also now offering The Spiritwalker Teachings Online Program. Click here to check out the online and downloadable version:

The Spiritwalker Teachings Online Program

Would you like to improve your meditation and journey skills? Would you like to develop a stronger connection to your inner guides? Do you want to learn more about the spiritual
side of healing and illness?

If so, this unique 6-CD Box Set presents sacred teachings from the Hawaiian kuhuna perspective that will help you. These CDs assist you in journey work and enable you to build a solid
foundation for your shamanic practice. For many years people have asked us to record the information we provide at our Visionseeker workshops. We never felt it was the right time; however, with the dramatic changes to our economy, environment and community, we decided to release these CDs at this time. It is important for us to share this information with as many people as possible. The Spiritwalker Teachings Box Set contains some of the most important knowledge that we have learned over our many years of teaching. You are about to discover more about:

  • Learning to journey
  • Sharpening your inner connection skills
  • Connecting with guides and power animals
  • Finding your sacred garden
  • Your soul cluster triad
  • Aligning the three souls
  • The three levels of reality
  • Shamanic cosmology
  • Authentic initiation
  • Ancestor work
  • Healing ancestral lineages
  • Shamanic healing
  • Soul loss
  • Soul retrieval

By listening to these CDs and practicing the given journeys, you can develop a strong personal connection to your inner sources of wisdom. The Spiritwalker Teachings Box Set provides you with a powerful framework, the tools and guidance, so you can learn more about your divine nature and your authentic life path. The CDs are a wonderful support for those who have already been to our seminars and also to those who are new to the work.The Spiritwalker Teachings Box Set includes:

  • Six audio CDs, including a drumming and rattling CD to help you achieve light trance states for journeying to the sacred realms,
  • Eight guided experiential shamanic meditation journeys to help you connect with your own inner places of power and healing,
  • Over five hours of teachings and percussion on 64 separate tracks,
  • An eight page booklet containing an overview, track information for each CD, biographies and other information of interest.

The Spiritwalker Teachings, recorded on the Big Island of Hawai'i, were digitally mastered for the highest quality presentation. The packaging includes original artwork from Hank and some
stunning condor and petroglyph photos from our friend Daniel Bianchetta of We are offering these unique 6 CD box sets for $149.95 and have produced only a limited number at this time. They also make wonderful gifts.

These CDs will provide you with a sense of the new spiritual complex that is coming into being in the world, offering a method to experience it directly for yourself, through the path of direct revelation and discovery. Thanks for supporting our teachings and happy listening!

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