Spiritwalker: Messages from the Future

Spiritwalker: Messages from the Future

An astonishing true story of an anthroplologist's quest into a world of magic, mysticism and meaning. Not since Carlos Castaneda's tutelage under the Yaqui Indian guide Don Juan has there been a spiritual autobiography quite like Spiritwalker. Hank Wesselman's incredible true story begins with a series of vivid dreams he had while living on the flank of an active volcano in Hawai'i. Eventually Dr. Wesselman became convinced that what he'd experienced were not merely dreams but a visionary encounter with what shamans have long called the 'spirit world.'

In this world, he met a fellow traveler, a Hawaiian kahuna mystic named Nainoa. What did Nainoa seek from Dr. Wesselman? What did the anthropologist have to learn from this exotic traveler from another time and place? Maintaining his scientific objectivity, Dr. Wesselman embarked on a mystical journey beyond the boundaries of ordinary consciousness. The result is a fascinating adventure, an exciting discovery, and the story of how a hard-headed scientific realist may have stumbled on an important piece in the puzzle of human evolution.

Socially urgent and disturbingly prophetic, Spiritwalker has a universal mythic resonance and an undeniable relevance for today as it challenges our perceptions of our world. our reality, and our future.

Review of Spirtwalker

“What a fabulous, stunning, inspiring account! This book explodes our narrow ways of thinking about the nature of the mind, and reveals consciousness as it really is -- unbounded, beyond brain and body, infinite in space and time, divine. Wesselman is a bold visionary and a courageous scientist whose mission is to find and reveal Truth. Spiritwalker is a modern hero's journey. It is the story of someone who risks everything, and whose wisdom and acts of courage may help redeem us.” — Larry Dossey, M.D. Author of Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and
the Practice of Medicine, Meaning Medicine, Recovering the Soul

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