Awakening to the Spirit World

Awakening to the Spirit World Cover

The current spiritual awakening in the Western world has led to a renaissance of shamanic spirituality in the last 40 years. In response, increasing numbers of practitioners from all walks of life now use powerful indigenous techniques for healing, insight and spiritual growth. With Awakening to the Spirit World, two respected and accomplished teachers, Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman, bring together a circle of renowned Western shamanic elders to present a comprehensive manual for making these practices accessible and available in our daily lives, including:

  • How the original practice of shamanism shaped the
    world's spiritual traditions and why it is relevant today
  • The art of the shamanic journey–a time tested meditative method for experiencing important
    spiritual lessons and truths
  • Guidance for avoiding common pitfalls of shamanic practice
  • Instructions for working with your dreams, connecting with your helping spirits, doing ritual and ceremony, healing yourself and your environment, as well as working with the dying
  • a CD of shamanic drumming to facilitate your shamanic journeys

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