Spiritwalker Teachings - Online Program

We're pleased to offer our popular and well-received audio training program: The Spiritwalker Teachings: Journeys for the Modern Mystic in an online format.

We originally created this audio program, drawing from our best-selling entry level, five day training seminar, Visionseeker I, for people who couldn't attend the workshop because of geographic distance or financial considerations.

Many of our readers, especially internationally, have been asking for online and downloadable versions of this special and unique 6 CD audio program. Accordingly, we have created a membership portal, where you can listen to and download all 64 tracks in the program, including eight shamanic journeys as well as the most recent drumming CD for shamanic journeywork ... an ancient and revered form of meditation.

Others, who have attended the workshop, wanted to review the material and re-experience the proposed shamanic journeys. Creating a consistent practice repeating the core journeys in this program is one of the 'secrets' toward deepening your shamanic connections with your inner sources of wisdom, power and healing.

Each time you do a journey to engage with the inner worlds of spirit, you may discover new insights and build on what has already been revealed to you.

This downloadable version will also be great for sharing in community drumming circles, enhancing every participant's ability to connect with their helping spirits.

Click here to check the online program out:

The Spiritwalker Teachings Online Program (temporarily unavailable as we move to a new server – back soon)

If you are interested in the purchasing the CD Set of the Spiritwalker Teachings, click here:

The Spiritwalker Teachings CD Set through Amazon