The Spiritwalker Interview with Hank Wesseman

Spiritwalker TeachingsWe wanted to let you know that Hank completed an interview with Richard Taubinger called The Spiritwalker Interviews. This webinar is specifically oriented toward the 6 CD set called The Spiritwalker Teachings that records much of the five day Visionseeker Level One workshop taught at the Esalen Institute, the Omega Institute and at other venues.

The MP3 audio file (49.6MB) is available for online listening by clicking here.

[To download the file in Windows, right click on the link above and save to your computer. For Mac, hold down the Control key and click the link to download to your computer.]

In this interview Hank talks about:

  • The New Spiritual Complex
  • Nature Spirits and the Quickening
  • Lower, Upper and Middle Worlds
  • Changing the Dream, Ourselves and Dream World
  • The Law of Polarity and Life Roles
  • Shifting Away from the Dark Polarity
  • Finding our Kuleana – Responsibility and Rightful Place
  • Makua’s Three Spiritual Directives (Love all that you see with humility; Live all that you feel with reverence; Know all that you possess with discipline)
  • Awakening of the Solar Feminine (Masculine)
  • Is there a Source (God) behind the Source
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • The Coming of the “Children of Joy” (Migration of Souls)
  • Updates on Hank’s Connection with Nainoa

To learn more about the Spiritwalker Online Training Program and for information about join by clicking here.