Hank's Shamanic Column: Egyptian Mysteries

November 30th, 2009

On The Shaman's Path - Egypt


I’m again departing for Egypt with this year’s travel group and by the time you read this I will most likely already be there. So here are a few thoughts shared from last year’s journey.Read more

February 15th, 2009

A New Story for a New Time


Warm greetings from us here on Hawai'i Island. I have just returned from teaching in New York, so the word 'warm' has special meaning.

I am often asked by members of the public at conferences and workshops, and even occasionally by my less timid (or should I say more courageous) academic colleagues, how I, with my training, my anthropological fieldwork, and my advanced degrees from prestigious universities (the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Colorado at Boulder) could abandon my scientific objectivity and "wallow" in superstitious non-science or nonsense.Read more

November 28th, 2009

In the King's Chamber...Once Again

In December of 2008, Jill and I led a travel group to Egypt during which many insights were gained and many had transpersonal connections with the localities that we visited. This account is taken from my notes on the day we entered the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid at Giza.Read more

November 29th, 2009

An Encounter In Egypt with Isis

Many of my writings explore the issue of what it is like to make connection with the archetypal forces that are often referred to as ‘the spirits.'

In approaching this subject, I am well aware that the whole issue of contact with transpersonal beings is a problematic one for us Westerners because we do not grow up in a culture in which connection with spirits is part of our ongoing experience. In fact many of our fundamentalist religious sects (with great righteousness) warn against having any contact with spirits because they are ‘evil.'

This monumental misconception has generated widespread fear in the populace at large that, in turn, has created separation between us and those transpersonal allies who are poised to help us in various ways.Read more