On The Shaman's Path - Egypt


I’m again departing for Egypt with this year’s travel group and by the time you read this I will most likely already be there. So here are a few thoughts shared from last year’s journey.


When you are standing on the ancient archeological sites, dedicated to this god or goddess by that king or queen, there is no doubt that the mysterious Egyptian people of the past had an extraordinary knowledge of mathematics and engineering as well as sacred geometry, the golden mean, and the concept of pi, supposedly invented by the Greeks two thousand years later.

It is one thing to look at finely crafted photographs of the colossal Egyptian sites in books. It is something quite different to actually stand in the shadows among the massive stone columns, smelling the desert in your nostrils and feeling cool breezes from the Nile on your skin while you stare at the gods themselves, represented as sculptures or rendered in bas relief on the towering temple walls along with their myths and their stories, revealed in exquisitely carved hieroglyphs for those who can read them. These stones possess memories...

The priesthoods and the ruling families of the ancient Egyptians also possessed what some might call a high metaphysical wisdom tradition… one that allowed them to enter into relationship with the transpersonal forces that govern the manifested Universe.

Authentic Transpersonal Forces

Now in using the word ‘govern,’ I am not talking about the mythic creator deities of the polytheistic and monotheistic traditions of the world’s diverse religions that were invented by their priesthoods to appeal to (and control) the common peoples of their cultures.

I’m talking about what we could call the “higher organizing intelligences” that exist in the transpersonal realms above and beyond the ‘deities’ of our mythic belief systems.
For example, I have described elsewhere the mystic conviction that ‘the creator’ is actually our own higher self or oversoul—the real god-in-heaven who listens to our prayers, works in mysterious ways, and who sends messengers to Earth (us) who usually get treated badly.

This transpersonal being serves as our spiritual source who breathes life into our embodiment at the beginning of life, as well as the repose to which we withdraw at life’s end—the one who serves as ‘the inner teacher’ who connects with us during life through  what we call ‘intuition’ or ‘inspiration.’

But above and beyond our immortal soul field exist the ‘higher’ archetypal forces. Many of the great temples and shrines of ancient Egypt were built to honor these forces, and the great secret that can be learned from direct revelation is that they were actually constructed to embody these higher archetypes, to house them so to speak, so that when we stand inside the great courtyards surrounded by those immense monolithic pillars and temple walls, we are in their presence. They are there, all around us, and they may come into relationship with those who can expand their conscious awareness to reach out to them.

The Neters

The Egyptians called these beings ‘the neters’… and from my direct experiences of them, it is my suspicion that these forces may very likely have had a hand in the ‘human experiment’ once we reached a certain level of psycho-symbolic development on our long evolutionary journey across time.
I must say here that I do not perceive them as gods with animal heads and human bodies. I experience them as the light beyond the form… and as the formless beyond the light. These are the beings with which mystics have always sought connection across time.

My direct experience of them has also revealed to me that they are vastly intelligent. ‘They’ have been through all that we are going through and many of them are in service to us as compassionate forces that are poised to help us in various ways. We will seek connection with them again this year.  
I will offer more accounts of my encounters with the neters in future blogums (blog-columns) and will post longer essays monthly under Shaman Wisdom.

The Holiday Season

During this holiday season, it is my hope that you will find time to be in Nature… time in which to simply enjoy the mystery of being alive on this beautiful planet… and time in which you can allow yourself to be aware of what it means to be on the trail to immortality.

The goal all along has simply been to experience joy. And when we feel it surge within us, it is meant to be shared…

So in those private moments, when you feel the joy, think of someone you love deeply and simply bring that person up in your mind’s eye.  When you feel your heart connection with them become active, hit ‘send.’

With warm thoughts—HW

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