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I have been remiss in writing blogums during the past five months during which Jill and I have been immersed in our teaching schedule as well as work on our farm… and I have also been involved with writing an ongoing series of essays that are regularly posted under Shaman Wisdom. The current series is focused upon the New Mysteries. 

In these essays, I have been sharing my thoughts about the shape of ‘what has been’ from my perspective as an anthropologist, as well as my premonitions about the various possibilities of ‘what’s to come’ from my perspective as a modern shamanic practitioner and teacher… and right away several givens come up for consideration. 

Firstly: Given the prominence of some form of religion in peoples’ lives virtually everywhere, it is obvious that there exists a great psychological need among humans to believe in something greater than ourselves. 

Second:  We are living in a time of great change and things coming apart. This is also a time in which increasing numbers of spiritual seekers are leaving our mainstream religions in droves and turning toward non-Western spiritual practices.  

And third: Given the number of websites and workshops devoted to exploring aspects of the old mystery schools of the past, not to mention the unending avalanche of books that have been written on these and related subjects during the past two decades, an interesting question now arises. 

As we come to the end of this cycle of ages and the beginning of the next, are we willing to draw on the wisdom traditions of the old mystery schools, reworking and transforming them into something entirely new, refining this wisdom and enhancing it in a way that reflects who we are now as well as who we are becoming? 

And so I invite you to dip into these essays to see how they resonate with your own thoughts and ideas about this, as well as where and when you see yourself fitting into the flow of what we may create together as we approach the beginning of the next cycle. With more to come…

And with warm thoughts--Hank

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Lately I have been feeling lost although I am very spiritual, last night I asked my guides or my higher self for help, some sort of direction because I felt so helpless. I describe myself as a spirtual artist because I believe it is transported to my mind for a reason but sometimes self doubt creeps in because I seem to be stuck. I am aware of the Ego and so seem to be reluctant to say that my work is Sharmonic although I have been told this by others. So it seemed fasinating to me that after I asked my guides to show me where I need to go from here if this is really my calling, my purpose. I switched on the TV this morning and you were there explaining that you could be spiritual for 25 years but what you needed was faith. When I heard you say this I said thank you because this was the thing that was slipping away. You also said that everything is how it is meant to be, which I have always known otherwise I wouldn't be the person I am. Many thanks for your wisdom, it has given me the strength and confidence to continue on the path that I am meant to travel.

I had an experience similar to what you described in your book back in November of 2010. I was in a cave on the Big Island where there were mumified remains. There was a breeze blowing through the cave with tattered rags blowing around the remains. I asked a question, and the answer was that these were my ancestors.
I heard the laughter of children, and I went outside. There were Hawaiian children laughing in a court yard of some kind and my eyes were drawn to a Hawaiian woman siting on a rock.
We stared at each other, but then I was whisked away and I heard people talking, which I knew were tourists. I believe I was near the Kailua pier in Kona or somewhere near there close to the ocean. I only saw their legs walking, with glimpses of bright aloha shirts, and I believe this was the past.
In August of this year, 2011, I had to drop my wife and daughter off at Ala Moana mall for some shopping. I usually give our small dog a walk around the area while they do their shopping. It was at night. While walking I felt a nudge to turn the corner, and heard something fluttering and then saw something on the ground a few yards a way--it was a book, it was your book, "Spirit Walker."
This explained a lot about my experience, although I have not had one since. I'm not quite sure what to do, or if to do anything other than to read your other books.



I understand from what you both are writing that there is a teaching process happening and those that will bend with the change will survive.
There are many ways of contacting the human spirit in order to change this planet, it has been going on for some time.
The Creator is not what people think He is.
Angels can take on any form, they come to do good, to help mankind, this help will stop one day it will be the day when man must choose, the spirit or the flesh. The Way of Truth or lies.

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