In the King's Chamber...Once Again

In December of 2008, Jill and I led a travel group to Egypt during which many insights were gained and many had transpersonal connections with the localities that we visited. This account is taken from my notes on the day we entered the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid at Giza.

December 11, 2008: On this day, most of our travel group mounted camels in the outskirts of Giza (with some of us adventurers on horses) and we rode out into the desert south of the pyramids. Riding a camel is not a familiar experience for me, a native New Yorker, and as I ratcheted away on top of this thoroughly alien beast, it took considerable focus to keep my seat and stay aloft so to speak.

We all grimaced good-naturedly at each other and tried to look relaxed and in control as we climbed the sand hills toward the plateau crowned with its pyramids and the sphinx. On impulse, I asked the ‘camel guy' striding along next to us what my camel's name was. "Moses," was his reply, and almost immediately upon hearing his name, Moses stumbled. I grabbed the saddle horn to keep from being pitched headlong down onto the sandy substrate.

To regain composure, I studied the rear end of the camel in front of me being ridden by an artist named Barbara who lives in New Orleans and paints mermaids. I asked the camel guy what her camel's name was. He gave me a wicked grin and said "Calabanus." As I digested this, Calabanus, as if on cue, lifted his stubby fringed tail and delivered a quick series of rancid farts at point blank range, giving me an enhanced appreciation for why Bedouins wear veils.

In response to this olfactory attack, Moses surged ahead, almost dumping me on the sand again. His head was now right next to Barbara's elbow eight feet above the ground. Startled, she reached over to stroke him between his divergent, bulging eyes. As I wondered if Moses was going to bite her, Calabanus fired another volley.

The camel guy expertly sidestepped this invisible cloud and grinned at me like a pirate, pointed to himself, and said ‘Hassan' with the accent on the ‘Hass.' Then he gestured to another camel in the long train behind me and told me that beast's name was Michael Douglas.

As I considered what it would be like to be ‘riding Michael Douglas,' we achieved the crest of a sandy ridge giving us a sweeping view of the pyramids. I took a small digital camera from my vest pocket to preserve the moment and Hassan immediately reached up for it, saying he would take my picture. He then directed an order in Arabic at Moses who stood stock still and struck a pose. This was obviously a well-worked routine between the two of them. Hassan took the shot, then proceeded to divest me of ten American dollars as a tip for the return of my camera.

Hassan then did the same routine with Barbara. She didn't have any cash on her and I had to bail her out. I watched ruefully as another of my tenners disappeared into the folds of Hassan's galabeya. Then we lurched on again, heading across another mile or so of open desert. When we finally disembarked from these bizarre creatures at the base of the pyramids, I rubbed my now tender nether regions ruefully and resolved to ride a horse next time. Indiana Jones had obviously worked this one out.

The Previous Encounter in 2003

January 15, 2003: Our Egyptian guides had arranged for us to have the King's Chamber, that red granite room that is 55% crystal, entirely to ourselves for an hour and a half at high noon at my request. As members of the group began to ‘tone,' I began to work in the drum... until the toning came to an end and only the drum was sounding.

I continued to drum until 1:00 PM when our guide had arranged to have the lights extinguished and the fans turned off for about 30 minutes. When the chamber went dark, I allowed the drum to subside into silence. The blackness was total, the silence absolute. I lay down on the stone floor in the exact center of the room, heedless of the dust.

My conscious awareness had been powerfully altered by the drum, and I decided to see if I could journey, shamanically, to learn about the builders, as well as the designers, of the Pyramid. With that focused intention, I accessed the high frequency brainwaves I have described in my Spiritwalker Trilogy and opened my inner doorway. In response, my physical body was immediately gripped by a tremendous surge of energy, and I began to shake.

As the power amped up, the vibration increased in response, and suddenly, my conscious awareness was literally sucked outward and upward through the Pyramid's apex. It was very fast. Before I could even think about it, I was precipitated out into starry universe, then very swiftly, I found myself (or my conscious awareness) settling. The sense of movement was gone and I was ‘there', looking out at what can only be described as an utterly alien world.

Another World

In this extraordinary circumstance, the ‘I' that is Hank Wesselman assumed a passive state in the sense that ‘I' became fully watchful, yet fully subordinate to whatever experience I had been drawn into. ‘I' appeared to be standing toward the back of a huge room, at least 4-5 stories tall, constructed of smooth, polished, blood-red stone, one whole end of which opened to the outside.

Beyond, I could see a landscape of low relief dominated by plants (and trees?) and water (lagoons?) of a distinctly peculiar color. The greens and blue-greens of the vegetation and the off-turquoise lagoons were as intense as the red of the huge stone room, producing a startling contrast to each other.

But even more surprising was that there were two suns in the polished bronze of the sky, one closer to the horizon. One was decidedly larger, like a small version of our sun, the other more like a distant star. I ‘knew' that this was a double star system.

I began to focus on how I was seeing this alien world. It was then that I realized ‘I' was observing through the eyes of one of its inhabitants. Those who have read my Spiritwalker Trilogy will know that this ability-to look through the eyes of another person or being-is not unfamiliar to me. Nor is this ability unknown in the shaman's world. We are not talking about fiction here. We're talking about an experiential phenomenon that was intensely real.

The Bird People

At this moment, I became aware of ‘others' and my emotional state upgraded to astonishment. They were tall, linear, and rather spindly humanoids with large heads and dark, reddish brown skin. They were bipedal, and their legs and arms were long, as were their fingers. These beings seemed utterly familiar somehow and I concluded that I was picking up on the perspective of my ‘host'.

My first impression was that they looked like bird people. This is not because they had wings but rather because their faces displayed an elongated ‘rostrum' creating a plane to the face that projected forward and downward utterly unlike a human nose, or a human face for that matter. It wasn't a ‘beak' but rather a completely different form of cranial morphology unknown on our world.

In addition, each of the beings I saw was wearing an off-white head covering not unlike a pair of men's boxer shorts that encircled their backwardly elongated heads above the eyes, hanging down to the shoulders. I was immediately struck by how this interesting cowl resembled the headdresses of the dynastic Egyptians depicted on statuary, yet it was not quite the same.

As one of the bird beings approached, I got a better view of their eyes. They were large and long, dark and tapering, and I couldn't see any ‘whites'. It was at this point that I looked down and saw the body of my host. The lower torso seemed to be covered by a short ‘kilt' made of an off white reflective, almost luminescent material that was elegantly folded into pleats. My glance moved to my arm and hand. There was a five-fingered hand with very elongated fingers and an opposable thumb considerably more delicate than our human version, and there didn't seem to be any nails or claws.

‘My' reddish-brown skin was smooth and dry and somewhat granular. And then, imagine my shock when I perceived the suggestion of small pointy breasts on my skinny chest, set high and wide, the nipples indistinct, more like pores really, and located very close to the ‘armpits.' I had apparently merged with a female... and with this realization, I received my first thought pulse from my host, or rather my hostess, a mental probe signifying agreement. ‘She' was aware of my presence, but to what degree, and how she felt about this, I didn't know.

It was at this point that I began to consider a radical thought. Could these beings be the ones who had come across the Universe and taken up residence in Egypt many thousands of years ago? I realize that this question throws me into the camp of what many mainstream Egyptologists consider to be the lunatic fringe, yet in opposition to the theory of ‘aliens coming to Earth in space ships' a la Zachariah Sitchen, I wondered if these bird-like beings could have come as seeds of light-as souls-to take up residence in human bodies to become the ruling families and the priestly class of the ancient Egyptians?

And if so, could this be why those ruling families had an obsession with ‘marrying in,' even to the point of engaging in brother-sister marriages?

As I thought these thoughts, I wondered if this place that I was seeing could be an ancestral source for such a migration? And then a really heretical thought occurred to me. Could the enormous pyramid at Giza actually be a device to facilitate interstellar communication-a real honest-to-God functioning star gate if you knew how to open it and utilize it correctly?

Was this what I had inadvertently done by using the ancient shamanic method, with the Pyramid providing the interstellar longitude and latitude because we just happened to be there at the right time? I had no answers to these questions then, and I sensed that I probably never would.

The bird being then turned and walked gracefully across the hall with long, flowing strides and out onto a wide veranda into the open air. Thoughts and feelings seemed to be flowing rapidly through her mind, giving rise to a supposition that ‘they' were communicating with a form of telepathy. But I, with my human perspective, had no clue what was being ‘said.' I simply couldn't identify with, or decode the mental pulses. They were totally foreign to me... or perhaps ‘alien' is the correct term.

And then, as my eyes scanned my surroundings, seeking to record as much as possible, the lights and fans in the King's Chamber were switched on again and I lost the connection. It was like switching channels on a television. Suddenly, I was back in the Pyramid, my eyes blinking at the sudden glare of the lights, the feelings of power that had held me paralyzed in an invisible fist throughout the encounter departing in surges.

My mind was racing with excitement, generating question after question. Could these bird people really be the beings who had designed and built the pyramids as well as those immense temple complexes here in Egypt? Had they come here from wherever ‘there' was, bringing their engineering and architectural skills and knowledge of mathematics with them? Had my ability to journey to them been enhanced by the red crystal room in the pyramid? Did the builders select Egypt as their place of residence because of the red crystal granite of the Aswan area was the closest approximate to that of their own world?

No answers appeared in my mind on that day, but the questions remained as I once again found myself with a group of accomplished visionaries in the King's Chamber in December of 2008.

The Return

I once again stood in the center of the red room as my colleagues distributed themselves around its perimeter, sitting on the stone floor with their backs against the red granite wall. I began to drum with a slow, almost dirge-like cadence, gradually increasing the tempo until we had achieved the 4-6 beat per second vibration of the theta brain wave state. As I used my drum to build up my connection with power, imagery began to move through my mind like fleeting shadows at first, and then the experience began to unfold, like a flower opening, but not in the way I expected.

I was journeying while I was drumming for the group, a well-honed experience in which I have engaged for many years in my workshops. My body drums while my mind visions, and I simply pay attention to what comes up... and I try not to go too deep or drop the drum.

The information that came through on this occasion was at first discordant and choppy, as though it was coming through some sort of static or white noise. Then suddenly, I became aware that I had connected with the consciousness of the bird beings, and it was my impression that they could hear my drum.

The contact was not as dramatic as before, but the fact that I had reestablished this connection at all was mind blowing. Perhaps it was facilitated by my already having established an ‘aka connection' with their collective field, and now, enhanced by the geometry of the pyramid, that connection had become active.

(As an aside, I had been unable to reactivate this connection since my initial contact with them in 2003, which had often caused me to wonder if the pyramid itself was in some way pivotal.)

What I was after on this day specifically was more information on who had built the pyramids and why? I wanted to know if the pyramids were in fact devices whose function was to facilitate inter-stellar communication. And I wished to know more about the bird people...


In response to these intensely focused intentions, information immediately began to arrive in my conscious awareness. There was no hesitation, no delay. It was like an ongoing download, and so I share it with you as it was received.

Let me say at the onset that I claim nothing... for who in their right mind could under these circumstances without sounding like a candidate for the rubber room? We're going across the boundary here into the borderlands between what Western main-stream science proclaims as real and what it denigrates as new age nonsense... or non-science... and yet this is what I was shown.

Abruptly yet definitively, I perceived the profoundly different ‘shape' of the mind (or minds) with which I had achieved connection, for it occurred to me in those moments that ‘they,' whoever and whatever ‘they' are, could be at an evolutionary level in which each had access to a ‘group mind' through which they could communicate. And if so, telepathy was the norm.

(As another aside here, the Hawaiian kahuna Hale Makua had proclaimed often in our discussions that we humans are all headed in that direction as well.)

As often happens in my deep altered states, information tends to arrive all at once and I then have to sort it all out into some sort of format afterwards. This is very much what happened on this day. So allow me to summarize some of what was perceived in those moments of vision. In attempting to understand it and put it together into some sort of coherent framework, my initial suspicions were confirmed. And there was more. The ‘story' could go something like this:

The Story

Sometime in the mythic past, perhaps between 7000 and 12,000 years ago, or perhaps earlier, a migration of highly evolved souls arrived here on this Earth from a distant star system. They came because there were sentient beings (us) who were ready to receive them. They came as seeds of light-as souls-and they arrived in ‘solar boats or canoes' also made of light. No machines were involved, nor will we humans need them for interstellar or interdimensional travel once we reach this evolutionary level.

‘They' appear to have come here and taken up residence in human bodies at the moment of birth, when the newborn takes its first breath and that seed of light-the soul-enters. In these human bodies, they then established a highly advanced state level society only fragments of which remain today because it was subsequently destroyed in a cataclysm at the end of the last Ice Age when the sea level rose 300 feet or more in response to the last rapid climatic shift.

It was shown to me that the survivors of this debacle established refugia-places of refuge in many parts of the world, primarily in the tropics-in Egypt and Mesopotamia, in Mesoamerica and the Andes, the islands off Japan and in India.

I was also shown that the problem with this initial migration of souls from the stars was that it was a one-way trip. Once here, they had no way to get back. Yet their high wisdom tradition provided them with a technology to do so.

This knowledge was held by a fellowship of priests and priestesses, and these were the people who sculpted the Sphinx, created the Valley Temple before it, and the Osirion at Abydos in Upper Egypt. And, it was during this period, I was shown, that they also constructed their temples on platforms that today support the great pyramids. The platforms were established perhaps 10,000 or more years ago, but it wasn't until more than 7000 years later that the pyramids themselves were actually built upon these platforms.

I was then shown that the great pyramids were constructed not as tombs, but as devices to enable these visitors to return to the stars. Once the pyramids were built, they could return home, or they could explore the starry universe in search of other sentient species on other worlds that were ready to be ‘bumped up' to a civilization state level society.

In this way, using the pyramids as spaceports or star gates, the visitors who had resided here for so long, creating the fabric of civilization, one that included mathematics, geometry, engineering, writing and philosophy, moved on.

As this information arrived in my mind, I was also assured that this is what ‘they' do-travel the universes, creating civilizations, and having accomplished that here on this Earth, they were done, and so they finally built the devices that allowed them to depart, one by one, until all of them were gone.

The priesthoods that they had established had continued to thrive for several thousand years, for time moves slowly here, and the pyramids continued to function as star gates, and as ‘god-makers', sending the souls of the Pharaohs and the high priests to the stars at their life's end to become gods once again... until eventually the priesthood was corrupted along with the ruling families, for among human beings, there always seems to be an evil worm that infects the ruling classes everywhere.

This corruption of the leadership, plus the continual invasion of Egypt by barbarians, spelled the end, and their knowledge, held for 8000 years in the oral tradition, was abruptly lost.


This is a general outline of what I received while drumming. At the end, feeling overwhelmed, I let the drum fall silent, then sat down with my back against the red stone wall next to Jill and continued to vision in silence with the group.

A last thought, an insight really, appeared in my mind in those moments. All of what I had perceived could be the origin of the legend of Atlantis, and indeed as my mind turned in this direction, the word that came up for the culture of the bird-like people was AKLAN or ADLAN or ABLAN... or ATLAN. If this holds to be true, and it is my hope that others accomplished in the shamanic journeywork method may use the pyramid to confirm this, then these people could have been called Aklantists, or Adlantists, or Ablantists... or Atlantists.

I share this here to shed some mystic light on the problem of Atlantis because there is no evidence that this legendary island culture ever existed here on planet Earth, at least none that we know of now. Accordingly, I've often wondered if perhaps this legend comes down to us as a soul memory of a place out there on another life world among the stars, a place that served as the source of an interstellar migration and whose colonists experienced a cataclysm here and whose society was largely lost... but not quite.

And what about the red stone ‘sarcophagus' in the King's Chamber? It was revealed to me that this was where the embodied ‘god'-the King or High Priest--released their soul at death to travel back to the stars... Then again, the stone crypt could also have been the place where a living body, a newborn perhaps, could receive an incoming soul from out there... once the connection was active.

These provocative thoughts will most likely remain in the realm of fantasy or science fiction, until repeated interstellar shamanic journeys facilitated by the pyramid provide further evidence to other accomplished visionaries that this is in fact its function. And then there is always the possibility that one of ‘them' may decide to come back here.

The pyramid was built to last forever, so we have plenty of time.

My narrative ends here.

Last Thoughts

Pyramids are found all over the world, concentrated in certain locations. They are always precisely built and oriented in such a way that reveals an extraordinarily precise knowledge of astronomy. Lilia, a Mexican woman who was there in the group with her husband Jose, told me afterward that at Teotihucan in Mexico, the great pyramids of the sun and the moon are known as ‘god-makers,' hence my use of that term above.

If these monumental edifices served as star gates to transport souls in both directions, the question comes up: how had the star people come here before the pyramids were built? Had they connected with the minds and souls of Neolithic or even Paleolithic shamans to accomplish this? Or were they brought here by high guardians, the ‘organizing intelligences' such as those described elsewhere in my writings.

These are truly heretical ideas for a scientist such as myself to have, and yet perhaps this year, insha'allah, I will have the chance to once again enter the pyramid and investigate these questions.

About fifteen or twenty years ago, a news reporter on my favorite radio station announced, almost in tears, that our undersea explorers had discovered the remains of Atlantis. Among other structures which were described by the explorers were enormous dome-shaped buildings... Within 24 hours, all mention of this discovery had disappeared from our media. That it disappeared did not and does not surprise me. That we found something which seemed worth the removal to our government only confirms for me the conviction that either Atlantis or something very similar to it has indeed been found. Most likely we will misuse whatever information we have gleaned from the site ~ just as the Atlantean myth reports that this ancient civilization did, thus engendering its own demise.

Hello, I enjoy the blogs and all of the books! Recently I started using the drumming disk from Spirit Medicine while dealing with an illness. I discovered a depth of Spirit that, previously I had only briefly encountered. I am so very happy that these resources exist for all of us!

Last weekend as I watched a program on Nat Geo on the subject of human life on Earth and the possibility of extra terrestrial origins, I remembered your story about The Bird People. However, try as I might, I cannot recall where I read about the item that was found in Northern Africa that had images of Bird-Like people on it. I’m fairly certain that I did not dream this. I have searched for both info and images but I would love to have both. My research skills have failed so far. Can you help me with this?

In Gratitude,

Fantastic article, thanks so much. Have you ever read Elizabeth Haich's INITIATION? The Sarcophagus was used for an 'artificial' evolutionary acceleration, achieved by means of high tech 'power tools' after the initiate had become energetically able to vibrate at such a rate. Totally compatible with your vision, this classic is a must read for those with a strong attraction for the Egyptian mysteries...

Love the new website.

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