Distant Healing Work For The People Of Haiti

This past weekend (Jan 15-17), I led a weekend workshop on Maui for 22 souls. While drumming for the group, I continually made short shamanic journeys into the dream aspect of Haiti, during which I connected with the Vodou gods (the loa) specifically with Barron, the lord of the cemetaries; Grand-bois, the healing god; La Sirene, the Haitian version of Yemaya the queen of the seas; Erzulie, the goddess of love; and Papa-legba, the gate keeper, to facilitate and help alleviate the suffering of the dead, as well as the living.

At the workshop's end, we all worked together and did a long distance shamanic healing ritual for the children of Haiti, in which we linked up with the efforts of my friend Ross Lewallen in New Mexico, who was also leading a circle ceremony with the same objective, on the same day.

I will continue to do this healing work in my meditations in the foreseeable future, and I invite those of you who have worked with us or who know how to do shamanic journeywork, to join us in our efforts.

I have been sending healing thoughts in my daily meditations since the earthquake. It has become a twice daily practice. Mary Louise

Mahalo Hank for offering this invitation. The first night after the earthquake, my dreamings took me there. I found a great gathering of other healers, helping spirits and the vodou gods welcoming all efforts. I have continued to return in dream work and waking journey each day. For those so called, the need is great and our efforts appreciated.

Hi, Hank:
This is great! I too, have been doing distant healing work on Haiti with healers in Brazil, telepathically. (I have had regular, telpathic contact with several people in Brazil since June, 2009.) This was done Jan. 17, and again on Jan.24. I created a Healing Garden where we all met, and we sat in a circle, holding hands, and sent love to the people of Haiti and to the aid workers. That love was transmitted to Haiti falling on the country as if a gentle, invisible rain.

Thanks Hank for the post...I think with many groups doing remote healing we can effect and assist the people and children there positively. Blessings

Hi Hank,
I am part of a group of shamanic practitioners in the Washington DC area.On January 21,we met for our monthly group ceremonies(18 people),this time we gathered and journeyed to the lost souls and seven sources of power in Haiti, to bring healing to where it is welcome and permitted.Some of us encountered many lost souls of children and after we informed them gently about their passing over, we took them to the gateway of the realms of death.A beautiful experience to see them floating into the light:)
Thank you for sharing your experience,Hank.I would love to stay in contact.We will as well do individual Pachamama despachos to bring Munay (Love and Beauty) to Haiti.
We are indeed connected in our hearts.
Much love,

The healing should be for the adults. When they are well, they take care of the children.


It seems to me the situation on planet Earth is unsustainable with 6.7 Billion humans now running things into the ground.

Good Luck with your healing rituals as I imagine they will become a full time occupation in the not so distant future unless something like the unconventional solution as proposed in the book Time's Up is implemented or unless a natural disaster like Swine flu mucks out vast swaths of humans or unless World Wars of unimaginable proportions cull the growing herd of predators called humans.

thank you Hank i am joining you in this healing work from Australia .. many of us combined together CAN make a huge difference ... i know the power of Shamanic Journey work and will do my bit and invite my friends here in Australia to do the same .... additionally folk may like to further support the healing of the Haitian peoples by following the Hanbleycha principles of Vision Quest where the supporters for those on Vision Quest consciously eat and drink for them to support the questers - in this way we can be further offering strength and support to the Haitian folk whilst they wait for Aid to reach them [thanks to Raphael at I Am Blessing Water for this wonderful suggestion] ....

Hank, this may be a totally naive question, but in your shamanic work with the Vodou gods, did you get any sense of *why* Haiti has been the epicenter of so much natural disaster of late? I ask this as one who seems to have no talent for shamanic journeywork but who respects those who do.

Haiti was a country in ruin before the earthquake. So few gave any attention to this country, discovered by Christopher Columbus, before now. After the slave rebellion in the early 1800's, it became the first black-led republic in the world. With this history in mind, with the history of slavery and civil rights around the world, it is not hard to understand why this country was left to fend for itself.
Perhaps it was all of Haitians souls crying out for help that created this earthquake, for now, at least people are paying attention to this terrible situation.

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