Request a Soul Retrieval

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Thank you for your interest in soul retrieval. My shamanic healing practice is currently limited to SharedWisdom program participants and their clients. I continue to work behind the scenes to support mental health practitioners who offer soul retrieval for those recovering from PTSD, especially amongst our military population and their families.

Given your desire to move forward with your healing, I recommend that you check the shamanic healer referral page, established by Sandra Ingerman, M.A., on the following website: Select Practitioners from the left side menu, which will lead you to a listing of international and national practitioners by country, region and state. I recommend you contact someone close to you and begin to explore the possibilities for soul restoration. Note: Some of the European and Canadian shamanic practitioners did not choose to be listed on this website. For an extensive list of shamanic practitioners in Europe and Canada, please e-mail Ruth Aber at and she will send you a list. Please include in your e-mail the country you live in so the appropriate list will be sent.

Many blessings and bright hope for your healing path ~ Jill Kuykendall