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May 22nd, 2010

Connecting with Elementals, Naturals and Ancestors

Jill and I are in full swing with our teaching schedule now stretching toward Summer, and we have had wonderful sweet groups this Spring - at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California; at Breitenbush Hotsprings in Oregon; at the Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma; at the Studio Maui in Haiku; and a one day shamanic healing workshop in Sacramento.Read more

April 6th, 2010

On The Trail


Jill and I are currently on the trail teaching workshops on the US mainland—a Visionseeker level 2 in Sonoma, California two weeks ago, followed by a book signing for 80 people in Portland, Oregon at the New Renaissance Book Shop, followed by a Visionseeker level 1 workshop at Breitenbush Hot Springs Resort and Conference Center last week among the great trees in the Oregon mountains where we had snow as well as contact with those gentle mountain spirits who reside there.

It's at places like this that we discover with absolute certainty that magic is real.Read more

August 26th, 2009

Shamanism - A Heart Path

A new sense of the sacred has appeared in the Western world, one that incorporates spiritual realization, personal growth psychology, and being of service all in one orientation. This spiritual reawakening is generating a real change in attitudes as we move into and rediscover our own spirituality, and it is generally believed that this resurgence of interest in the spiritual, proceeding from the personal to the global, has the power to shift the directions of world history.Read more

The Spiritwalker Teachings: Journeys for the Modern Mystic

Many people over the years encouraged us to capture what we teach through recordings. We have, with pleasure, created a new 6 CD box set, The Spiritwalker Teachings. The box set includes... many stories and teachings, with eight experiential journeys, and a new recording of Hank's shamanic drumming and rattling. These teachings provide a firm foundation on which to begin and enhance your visionary practice.

We are also now offering The Spiritwalker Teachings Online Program. Click here to check out the online and downloadable version:Read more

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VisionSeeker: Shared Wisdom from the Place of Refuge

VisionSeeker: Shared Wisdom from the Place of Refuge

In the third remarkable book in the Spiritwalker trilogy, Dr. Hank Wesselman reveals what it means to be a scientist, a mystic, and a medicine man in an age of high technology and super science. In Visionseeker, he casts light on the emergence of a modern Western Shamanism, the phenomenon of spirit possession, the conveyance of the souls of the dead, authentic shamanic time travel, and the true nature of the human spirit.Read more

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