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Spiritual Unfolding

Three Stages of Spiritual Unfolding

Many of you are aware that we were drawn into connection with a Hawaiian kahuna elder named Hale Makua during the last eight years of his life. One of the things that we discussed across that time was our uniquely human experience of spiritual unfolding--a process in which we, as souls, grow, increase and become more than we were.

So allow us to bring this topic up for consideration because when we understand fully what it is that we have stepped into, or as Makua was fond of saying--what we have all signed up for--the rest of our life may become increasingly clear.Read more

The Seven Laws of the Great Spirit

I, like many of you, watch the news on television and on June 29th, it was revealed that 39% of the people of America believe that American Culture is in permanent decline and that our deepening financial crisis will never be resolved.  In response, I recalled the words of Paul Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson from their book ‘The Cultural Creatives’  published in the year 2000:

“We should take hope for we are traveling in the company of an enormous number of allies…” Read more