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Shamanic Training

The Role of an Authentic Shaman Teacher

In the Western world today, more and more non-tribal Westerners are seeking out a teacher of shamanism and in response, increasing numbers of shamanic teachers are now appearing on the screen. But how do we ensure that we will be drawn to an authentically initiated individual who will serve us well?Read more

Ho’omana—Hawaiian Shamanism

This one day workshop utilizing the shamanic journeywork method to reconnect with our spirit helpers, followed by an experiential consideration of the nature of our personal soul cluster from the perspective of the Hawaiian kahuna mystics who understand that we have not one but three distinct souls that work together to create the Self. The reincarnation cycle will be considered with emphasis on the immortal personal Oversoul with relation to our spirit teacher, the source of our intuition and inspiration, with journeywork devoted to a question of personal divination.Read more