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Shamanic Teacher

Three Qualitites of the Authentic Shamanic Teacher

In the previous article, The Role of an Authentic Teacher, we introduced some thoughts about the nature of the authentic shamanic teacher, allowing us to share a few insights for those who are looking for a shamanic teacher, as well as those who feel drawn to become shamanic teachers themselvesRead more

The Re-emergence of the Shaman in Our Time

I often mention that in the Western world, when we hear the word "shaman," most of us tend to conjure up an image of a masked and costumed indigenous tribal person, dancing around a fire in the dark, involved in some sort of mysterious ritual, accompanied by singing and drum beats. But inside that cultural shell of mask, costume and ritual, there is a woman or a man with a set of very real skills. The shaman is the master of the trance experience.Read more