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Shamanic Healing

Interview by Hillary S. Webb with Hank Wesselman Phd.

Adapted from Traveling between the Worlds: Conversations with Contemporary Shamans by Hillary S Webb, Hampton Roads, 2004.Read more

Hank Interviewed by Deepak Chopra

Originally posted on Deepak Chopra's site in March, 2001.Read more

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Hank's Current Recommendation:

Not in His Image RecommendationRead more

Learn Shamanic Healing

We are now in the 28th year of our apprenticeship in this ancient tradition, and are entering our 17th year of teaching.

Accordingly in our five-day Visionseeker shamanic workshops, we offer training in spirit medicine in varying levels of depth. Read more

Three Causes of Spiritual Illness

As we pass through life on the physical plane, things happen. We contract flus and colds and viruses, and we sustain physical injuries, like falling off our bikes as children or experiencing sports injuries. As adults, we may throw our back out or experience a serious car accident, in the process, acquiring bruises, cuts, sprains, infections, lacerations, and sometimes broken bones.Read more

Spirit Medicine: Healing in the Sacred Realms

Spirit Medicine: Healing in the Sacred Realms

The rediscovery that each one of us can achieve the direct,transformative connection with the sacred realms lies right at the heart of the spiritual reawakening sweeping the Western world- a phenomenon explored by anthropologist Hank Wesselman, Ph.D., in his widely read book The Journey to the Sacred Garden. In Spirit Medicine, Dr. Wesselman is joined by his wife, transpersonal medical practitioner Jill Kuykendall, RPT., to present us with a cross-cultural consideration of illness, healing, and health care from the ancient wisdom of the traditional peoples.Read more

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A Healing Meditation in the Sacred Garden

Allow me to draw from the book that my wife Jill Kuykendall and I co-authored—Spirit Medicine: Healing in the Sacred Realms—to offer you a gift. If you have a serious health issue, here is a healing meditation that you can do in your sacred garden, your inner place of power and healing (also see my book The Journey to the Sacred Garden) for 30 minutes or more, at least once or twice each day.Read more

Shamanic Perspectives on Illness and Healing

Highlights: How shamans heal; levels of illness and healing; the Kahuna perception of soul and reality; key concepts for energy workers and spiritual healers; meditation and shamanic journeying; guided Healing Journey; and more.