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Hale Makua

April 17th, 2011

Upcoming Interview on Coast to Coast AM and More on The Bowl of Light

Aloha from Hawai'i Island. Jill and I have been busy with our teaching schedule and working on our land when we can.Read more

Three Stages of Spiritual Unfolding

Many of you are aware that we were drawn into connection with a Hawaiian kahuna elder named Hale Makua during the last eight years of his life. One of the things that we discussed across that time was our uniquely human experience of spiritual unfolding--a process in which we, as souls, grow, increase and become more than we were.

So allow us to bring this topic up for consideration because when we understand fully what it is that we have stepped into, or as Makua was fond of saying--what we have all signed up for--the rest of our life may become increasingly clear.Read more

December 31st, 2008

New Years Greeting 2009 - Three Sacred Directives


New Years Greetings...with the beginning of 2009, as well as the beginning of a new political administration in Washington DC, we are being regaled by e-mails from our readers and friends, expressing renewed hope and enthusiasm for our future.

In response, we are reminded of the words of Paul Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson from their book 'The Cultural Creatives' (2000): "...We should take hope for we are traveling in the company of an enormous number of allies..."Read more

The Bowl of Light: Ancestral Wisdom from a Hawaiian Shaman

the bowl of light cover

As modern interest in indigenous wisdom grows, more and more spiritual seekers are turning to Hawaiian shamanism for its remarkable ability to reveal our inner divinity to us. With The Bowl of Light, paleoanthropologist Hank Wesselman, PhD, provides a rare glimpse into the heart of this tradition as he unveils the teachings passed down to him from the great Kahuna elder, Hale Makua. Before his passing, this revered shaman and wisdom keeper granted Dr. Wesselman permission to share sacred spiritual knowledge seldom imparted to outsiders, including:Read more

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Thoughts from a Hawaiian Kahuna: Hale Makua’s Teachings

Hank Wesselman will offer a unique presentation, reading from the unpublished notes of Hale Makua’s teachings. No recording or note taking will be allowed as it was Makua’s wish that these notes not be published.

Hale Makua's Thoughts on Shamanic Circles

When you form your shamanic circles, you create, as well as receive, the gift of your togetherness, powered by your collective Aloha. And if you are to ‘project yourself’ (with intention and shamanic journeywork) within and beyond these circles, there is nothing you would like more than to be in good company… which you are.Read more

The Law of Polarity

Periodically we sit at the breakfast table and discuss portions of our workshop teachings. This is one of the benefits of Hank’s extended periods at home in the winter months. One of us will mention an interesting topic, like the Law of Polarity, and we are off in multiple directions of discussion. On occasion we comment on how our discussions could be broadened in scope and might provide an interesting focus here for your consideration.Read more

A Healing Meditation in the Sacred Garden

Allow me to draw from the book that my wife Jill Kuykendall and I co-authored—Spirit Medicine: Healing in the Sacred Realms—to offer you a gift. If you have a serious health issue, here is a healing meditation that you can do in your sacred garden, your inner place of power and healing (also see my book The Journey to the Sacred Garden) for 30 minutes or more, at least once or twice each day.Read more

In Service to the Mystery

As the seasons turn and the light changes with the approach of Fall, we, like countless others, prepare to turn our outer focus toward an inner one ... a seasonal time of reflection, contemplation and reception of inner guidance. This is a good time for character refinement, doing the work needed to put our three souls—spiritual, mental, and physical—into Right Relationship.Read more