Hale Makua's Thoughts on Shamanic Circles

When you form your shamanic circles, you create, as well as receive, the gift of your togetherness, powered by your collective Aloha. And if you are to ‘project yourself’ (with intention and shamanic journeywork) within and beyond these circles, there is nothing you would like more than to be in good company… which you are.

When we sit in circle, the circle itself is about unity, about the commonality of all things, of all peoples, with all beings as part of the whole. Coming into circle is not the exclusive property of any one cultural group or tribe. This is a universal human experience and it belongs to all of us. The ability to do this is one of our birthrights. And the gift of this achievement is your participation in this world in an enhanced way.

The circle is about being receptive. It is about openness to all that is around you. It is a rotary energy and thus feminine. As the spirits and the ancestors are in service to us, we are in service to them.This is about an inner openness, receiving input from all the dimensions of life. It is about allowing perception of all the other realities beyond the everyday and the normal to come to us. And this is what you do in your circles.

In this manner, we may see and experience the simultaneity of life, the intermingling of cause and effect, the wholeness of the moment of the Universe at large, the interconnection of all the spiritual teachers, of all their students, of all their communities, with and through each other. With our stepping up into the new cycle of ages now coming into being, the time of separation is over and the time of creating connection is now.

The lesson of the drum that you use in your gatherings is one of self-expression or attitude. It is about demonstrating who you are to the world through your acts and your visions. The drum (or the rattle)-- these are tools that help you to expand your consciousness and the consciousness of your participants, allowing you all to extend yourselves as well as express all that you intend to do.

To maintain a sense of balance with our self expression, we must learn the powers of discrimination. We must learn to acquire a sense of what is appropriate and what is not. And we must acquire a well-developed sense of timing.

Everybody wants to do something important, and all of us (in the transformational community) stir with the desire to experience ‘the way in’ through which we project our identities (journey) through the inner gateway (of the heart) to gain access to the many worlds available to us. And through this experience, we accept assistance (from our helping spirits) to create an experience as well as an exit.

Now… the Ancestral Grand Plan (discussed in The Bowl of Light) concerns the refining as well as the achieving of what we all want to express, and this is a realization of ‘I Become.’ The question that faces all of us now is this: ‘Of all we could do… what will we do, and how will we feel about it?’

This is about all the ways that we will take on and live the life roles (discussed in The Bowl of Light) as well as the extent to which we will find our self esteem and our path within them.

It is always about our choice as to how to find a way to act or conduct ourselves, whether it is a momentary role or a thread that runs through our entire lifetime. We must understand that a life role (discussed in The Bowl of Light) requires a stance, and from that stance come our special skills and our abilities, as well as our limitations that serve as our challenges.

Understanding this creates realization—and in this place-- the Sea of the Chief/King/Queen—this place calls to all of us to glimpse and then to achieve our personal glory, and through the experiencing of this, to gain access to our collective ancestral heritage and to our personal majesty.”

This is about our personal and collective fulfillment. The first questions that you must answer are: ‘Who are you and what do you want?’”

Growth is not measured by what one accomplishes (in life) but rather by (our realization of) inner truths. These inner truths are always available from within. There is no greater help than what you carry within yourself. Hear your own song so that you may learn to sing…

Thinking about you both and sending you Aloha.....I'm now living in London

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